Lesson 5: Promises of bullshittery

According to a survey by one of Japan’s top staffing/headhunting firms, in 2012, Panasonic ranked in the top 5 of the most popular companies in Japan for workers to join.

It’s true, Panasonic did indeed have a record breaking year.   It lost more money than any other none financial firm in history.  It lost 7.65 billion yen, at that time well worth over 9 billion US dollars.  It also announced plans to lay off 39,000 workers.

Incredulous. Dumbfounding.   What words can express this unbelievable paradox?  How can a company in such dire financial straights remain such a popular company for job seekers?

“To be successful and have security you must enter a large & famous Japanese company”

This is the phrase that has been repeated continuously by parents, teachers, peers, and society in general.

The only problem is that it’s complete bullshit.





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