Lesson 7: Take this job and shove it

If you read up on Lessons 1~6, I think you can understand I have tried hard to make the case that the Salaryman lifestyle has absolutely no future.  Not to mention being a dog for one’s company completely sucks.


I used to think that I was one of the few philosopher kings that Plato fortold who as able to escape the delusional cave that the rest of society was trapped in.  However, I have recently had a chance to meet many young entrepreneurs in Japan who have cult the bullshittery and started out on their own.

What I find so awesome about these people is that they are so fun and cool to talk to.  It’s like their “normal” people.  It’s not that Japanese people are “abnormal” per se, but they seem so much more relaxed, genuine and fun-loving.

In other words, they seem far less stressed out than their so-called “safe & secure” salaryman counterparts.  For all the bad rap that Japanese people get for being a “group-oriented & group-think society” I can’t help but notice even the “domestic” Japanese with no English or experience living overseas get incredible motivation in managing their own destiny and having the freedom to call their own shots.


Maybe this is the human experience; that people are most motivated and energized when they are free to do things their own way, outside the confines of a constricting company atmosphere or rigid caste society.


I certainly think so, anyway.







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