Welcome to Japan; the land of the Salaryman.  The Salaryman has many faces, both noble & ignoble.  He is known as the loyal and dedicated company man, breadwinner and pillar of the family, a paragon of responsibility & stability.  He is also known as a submissive company slave, someone who’s dreams have long been abandoned, and the epitome of uncool.

I am a foreigner who lives in Japan and even started my career here working as a salaryman in a large Japanese company.  However, I have recently been observing a new cultural phenomenon that is ready to shake the foundations of Japanese society to it’s core; the upcoming extinction of the salaryman.  Join me as I both predict and prepare for the upcoming apocalyptic world in which Japanese society discovers it’s tireless hero, the salaryman, has perished.

Raijin Strike

In case you are curious, this is an original pixel artwork of Raijin (The god of lighting and thunder in Japanese Shintoism) shooting a thunderbolt in judgement of the Salaryman’s foolish ways.


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